St Peter’s Church, Snedshill

(Church originally sited at Priorslee)

Research Contributor: Malcolm Peel (Granville Colliery Miner 1958-1979)


Image Copyright: Richard Law

In 1834, it was decided to demolish the ancient thatched chapel in Priorslee and replace it with a new church at Mumpton Hill. The new church, dedicated to St Peter, was built from bricks made at Snedshill Brickworks for which the clay was obtained from Wood Pool situated at the top of the then-called Hydraulic Bank, now called Cannongate.

Image Copyright: Shropshire Archives

The new church was ready in 1836 and became independent in 1863 when it separated from Shifnal. It was completely restored in 1887 and a chancel was added in 1903. The old chapel at Priorslee was demolished in 1838 and the font moved to the new church and can be seen on the grounds near to the entrance today.

Image Copyright: Malcolm Peel


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