Lilleshall Company New Yard, St Georges

Research Contributor: Michael Ward (Friends of Granville)

Built by the Lilleshall Company, it started as the Phoenix Foundry in 1861 and later became called the New Yard Engineering Works.  One of the first constructions was a pair of blowing engines that won a gold medal at the 1862 International Exhibition and subsequently were put to use at the Old Lodge Blast Furnaces.

Wrockwardine Wood - New Yard Works.
Wrockwardine Wood – New Yard Works.

The area of the works was 11 acres with the building extending to 600,000 ft².

The Works went on to build railway locomotives, blast furnace blowing engines, pumps, winding engines and engines for mills of all kinds. During World War 1 (1914-1918), it was making shells in batches of 50,000 at a time.

The New Yard was closed in 1931 and the Lilleshall Company closed in the 1970s. Only part of the front facade and the offices remain.

Remains of Wrockwardine Wood - New Yard Works
Remains of Wrockwardine Wood – New Yard Works


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